Customer Review About Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Watch Replica with 2813 Movement

We invite Jason to share his review of the UK  AAA replica Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller watch. According to him, this watch is the most precise replica watch he has ever purchased. In comparison to previous replica Rolexes he bought, this particular model exhibits fewer flaws, and some of its components are even interchangeable with those of a genuine Rolex. Let’s begin by appreciating his review, followed by the watch pictures provided by the seller prior to shipping the replica.

Upon opening the package, I was taken aback by the striking appearance of the watch. It was a remarkable high-end replica watchthat I immediately recognized as the ultimate version. The craftsmanship of the casing is impeccable, evident by the smooth and tactile feel when I ran my fingers over its corners. It truly resembled the genuine watch in terms of touch and texture. Unlike earlier versions of the replica Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller, this particular model utilizes real black ceramic for the bezel, which is a significant improvement. Moreover, the bezel structure features a sandwiched numeral insert, making it the most accurate bezel I have ever come across. In contrast, other replica Rolex Sea-Dwellers either use non-genuine black ceramic or have a slightly greyish appearance. The bezel pearl is not flat but slightly arched, lending it a closer resemblance to the genuine watch. However, it’s worth noting that the replica may have some variations in the size of the bezel teeth compared to the genuine watch, and the clicking sound might not be as crisp.

The dial of the perfect replica watch showcases several impressive features, including a deeply engraved inner bezel and a vibrant blue lume color. The thickness of the date font has been adjusted to enhance accuracy, and the dial printing is flawlessly executed, with no visible imperfections even under magnification. The hour markers and hands are adorned with silver edges and coated with white luminous material at their center. Overall, the intricate details of the dial appear flawless and perfect to my discerning eye.

The dealer informed me that the movement used in the watch is not the original 3135, but rather an Asian 2813 movement. From my understanding, while the clone 3135 caliber may not be as stable as ETA clone movements, I personally prefer the long-term stability and reliability of an Asian ETA 2813 movement inside the case. It ensures a prolonged lifespan for the replica Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller watch. Additionally, thanks to the one-piece screw-down crown with an O-ring crown tube, the replica watch is capable of diving up to 50 meters.

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