New arrival replica watch from VS factory – Omega Planet Ocean Big Blue

The watch we are featuring today, it was unveiled by the VS factory, boasting a fresh and completely redesigned appearance. Unlike the conventional black color, this Omega timepiece is presented in a captivating full blue hue, making it truly eye-catching. The combination of blue and orange further distinguishes this watch from the other models in the Planet Ocean collection. However, it is worth noting that this blue Omega carries a higher price tag compared to other Planet Ocean watches offered by the VS factory, including the highly popular Deep Black model, which has been one of the best-selling Omega replica watches this year.

The case of this watch is quite substantial, measuring 45.5mm in diameter and boasting a thickness of 17mm. Due to its solid ceramic construction, it carries a slightly heavier weight compared to the genuine watch and is notably thicker as well. Interestingly, it is worth noting that many of the Planet Ocean watches produced by the VS factory tend to be heavier than their authentic counterparts. In fact, I had a client who exclusively purchased VS Omega replicas from the UAE, and he shared a similar experience. Despite the weight difference, he expressed his love for Omega watches and mentioned that the VS factory produces the best replica Omega wacthes.

The bezel of the perfect replica watch is crafted from blue ceramic and features a uni-directional rotating mechanism. The 1/4 orange diving scales perfectly complement the orange numbers 6-9-12 and the orange edge of the rubber band. The pearl on the bezel is accurately made, with a flat top surface, setting it apart from cheaper replicas that often have a vaulted appearance. Additionally, the numeral markers 20, 30, 40, and 50 are filled with a platinum coating that guarantees a color tone that will never fade.

The dial of this watch is presented in a captivating blue color, with a base material also made of ceramic. At the center of the dial, you’ll find four hands, with the one featuring an orange stem serving as the GMT hand. This hand indicates the time on the outer orange 24-hour ring. The lume on the dial is exceptionally strong, providing excellent visibility in dark conditions. The minute hand is green, while the others are in blue. The date window, displaying the current date, features white font on a black background, with the date font neatly aligned within the window.

Through the transparent crystal back, you can admire the exceptional movement, which can be compared to the genuine Omega 8906 Calibre in terms of its outlook. The molded plates and decorative elements on the movement exhibit exquisite craftsmanship. However, it is worth noting that the replica watch’s biggest flaw, like many other replica watches that utilize Chinese automatic movements as their base, is its relatively short power reserve.

The Big Blue Omega Planet Ocean can certainly be an appealing choice for individuals seeking a timepiece with a vibrant and fresh color. However, personal style preferences vary, and if the Big Blue is not to your liking, the Deep Black Planet Ocean might be a more suitable option. The Deep Black model offers a versatile aesthetic that can effortlessly complement various outfits. Ultimately, the choice between the two watches depends on individual taste and style preferences. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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