G Factory Replica Breitling Chronomat B01 AB0110 Chrono Watch with Valjoux 7750 Movement

Breitling offers not only a range of diver’s watches but also a line of pilot watches. One popular pilot series from Breitling is the Chronomat B01, which has consistently been a sought-after model in the replica watch market. If you appreciate a textured watch made entirely of stainless steel, the Breitling Chronomat B01 would be an excellent choice. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the G factory, also known as GF, which has recently released a top-quality replica of the Breitling Chronomat B01 AB0110 watch. This replica has undergone significant improvements in every detail compared to previous editions produced by smaller factories. In fact, this replica is crafted with a genuine watch as a 1:1 replica watch, and many of its parts can even be exchanged with those of a genuine watch.

The diameter of the case measures a generous 45mm, which surpasses the size of most large watches in the current watch trend. It boasts a thickness of 16.5mm. The presence of a robust stainless steel case and bracelet creates a weighty sensation when wearing this replica watch, a feeling that personally appeals to me. Are you in the market for a lightweight timepiece? Personally, I am not. The substantial texture of this watch instills a sense of confidence. The entire case is meticulously polished, while the uni-directional rotating bezel features studs. The engravings on the bezel are deeply and widely etched, with a matte finish. The lume pearl, positioned at 12 o’clock on the bezel, is perfectly rounded and exhibits the same luminescent color as the markers and hands on the dial.

The black dial appears slightly crowded, with luminous material coating applied to the hour markers and hands. As the Breitling Chronomat B01 AB0110 is a chronograph watch, it features three subdials. The subdial located at 9 o’clock displays small seconds, while the 30-minute chronograph counter is positioned at 3 o’clock, and the 12-hour chronograph counter can be found at 6 o’clock. In the center of the dial, there is a prominent square with distinct vertical patterns that personally, I find less appealing. A black date window is situated at 4:30 and showcases white font. Additionally, there is a sticker on the crystal that displays “GF” and “SAPPHIRE.” Similar to the genuine watch, the replica’s sapphire crystal also boasts an anti-reflective coating.

Crafted from high-quality 316L stainless steel, the bracelet of this watch features a captivating design with five section links arranged in an oblique pattern. This bracelet design is commonly seen in many Breitling watches, and it happens to be my personal favorite. The meticulous polishing work on the bracelet is executed by skilled watch masters with over a decade of experience. The edges of the bracelet are polished so flawlessly that one cannot feel any scratches when wearing it. If you happen to own a replica watch that was purchased at a lower price, I encourage you to compare its polishing with this watch, and you’ll notice that they are not on the same level.

The replica watch is equipped with a genuine chronograph movement, specifically a cloned ETA 7750 movement. It is worth noting that the basic movement used in this replica is the Shanghai 7750 chronograph, which serves as the foundation for the cloned ETA 7750 movement. The chronograph function of the watch can be operated by pressing the button at 2 o’clock, which starts the central second chronograph hand. Pressing the button again will stop the chronograph function. To reset the chronograph, simply press the button at 4 o’clock. Overall, the replica watch encompasses all the functions found in the genuine watch.

After witnessing numerous Breitling watches with simple and refreshing designs, I must say that if you desire a remarkable replica Breitling that exudes a sense of toughness and strength, then the Chronomat B01 AB0110 should undoubtedly be your ideal choice.

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