AR Factory Published Two Golden 41mm Datejust Rolex Watches

The Datejust is an iconic watch from Rolex and is often considered a must-have for anyone interested in dress watches. This collection offers a wide range of models in different styles to cater to various preferences. Many factories in the market produce replica Datejust watches, and among them, BP factory stands out with its comprehensive collection of Datejust models. If you are unable to find your desired Rolex Datejust model from GM, AR, or Noob factory, BP factory is a reliable option to explore.When it comes to determining the best factory for Datejust replicas, I would recommend Noob. However, it’s worth noting that Noob factory typically prioritizes the production of other Rolex watches like the Submariner and GMT-Master, so there may be a longer waiting time for their Datejust replicas.GM factory, on the other hand, currently offers a wide selection of 36mm Datejust models. In my opinion, the best quality Datejust II replicas are currently being produced by AR factory. Additionally, AR factory has a good stock of the most popular models that you may be interested in.

The golden models displayed below have recently been introduced by AR factory. These stunning timepieces would make excellent gifts for occasions such as Christmas or Father’s Day next year, especially if you are considering something special for your father. A golden Rolex Datejust would be a fantastic choice.

The golden Datejust II watches from AR factory offer a combination of exceptional craftsmanship and reliability. The attention to detail in the case and bracelet finish sets them apart from replicas produced by other factories. In my opinion, AR factory excels in achieving the highest quality finish in these areas.The tone Datejust watches have a case diameter of 41mm and feature a refined combination of polishing and brushing on the case. They are crafted using 904L stainless steel, a material that is now being used by three factories for their Datejust II replicas: Noob, ARF, and GMF. However, it’s worth noting that Noob Datejust II replicas are often out of stock. When comparing the Datejust II replicas from ARF and GMF, I believe that the ARF Datejust stands out as the superior option.

The Datejust II models feature the same captivating gold tone color, but each dial has its own unique decoration. One dial showcases index hour markers with a white luminescence coating, while the other dial boasts diamond hour markers without any luminescent material. Personally, I have a strong preference for the dial with index hour markers.The inner beveled edge is accurately crafted by AR factory, ensuring a precise and polished finish. Furthermore, the date font is perfectly aligned at the center, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the perfect replica watch.

The bracelet on Datejust II models is designed in the elegant jubilee style and features a two-tone color scheme that perfectly matches the case. Like the case, the bracelet is crafted using 904L stainless steel, which is known for its durability and corrosion resistance.The five-link jubilee bracelet has gained popularity not only on the Datejust but also on the GMT-Master II in 2019. The middle links of the bracelet are meticulously polished, while the links on the sides have a brushed finish. Despite this variation in finish, the bracelet remains comfortable to wear, thanks to AR factory’s meticulous attention to detail in refining every corner and edge. This ensures maximum wearing comfort without compromising on style.

The movement used in these Datejust II models is an Asia ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, which is known for its reliability. Upon opening the case back, it can be observed that AR factory has added some decorative touches to the rotor. The rotor has been skeletonized and features an engraved golden Rolex crown logo. It is important to note that currently, no factories have installed a clone Rolex movement in the Datejust II replicas. If you are specifically looking for a Datejust II replica with a clone 3235 movement and a finish similar to that of ARF, such a replica does not exist at the moment.

AR factory produces this replica with exceptional quality, resulting in a higher price compared to replicas made by other factories. However, if you are seeking a Datejust II watch for your father that can withstand the test of time for over five years and provide accurate timekeeping each day, it is advisable to invest in one from a reputable and well-established factory.By choosing a watch from a renowned factory, you can ensure that the craftsmanship, durability, and reliability meet your expectations. While the price may be higher, the long-term value and satisfaction derived from owning a high-quality timepiece that will endure for years to come make it a worthwhile investment.

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