1:1 Super Clone Omega Speedmaster Watch 331. with Vintage Black Dial

The Omega Speedmaster is widely recognized as the first watch to have ever landed on the moon, earning it the nickname “Moon Watch.” Omega, similar to Rolex, has a rich history and its Speedmaster and Railmaster series are considered to be vintage classics, marking the beginning of Omega’s legendary status. While not as popular as Rolex, Omega possesses its own unique appeal. This replica Omega watch that I will be discussing is a replica, with the reference number 331. Its bezel design unmistakably identifies it as a Speedmaster watch. Now, let’s delve into the finer details of this timepiece.

The entire replica watch is constructed from 316L stainless steel, featuring a combination of polished and brushed craftsmanship on the case. All the lugs, chrono buttons, and bezel edge have a smooth polished finish, resembling a mirror. However, the front bezel, which is engraved with Tachymeter scales, has a brushed appearance. The dial adopts a sandwiched structure inspired by Panerai, with hollow hour markers on the top disc and a luminous material applied to the bottom disc. The two subdials also exhibit a two-level design, resulting in a more three-dimensional dial compared to other inexpensive Omega replicas. Additionally, there is a small date window positioned at 6 o’clock, showcasing white font against a black background. Apart from the sandwiched dial, the design of the chrono buttons closely resembles the Rolex Paul Newman 6214.

The effort put into this replica watch by the factory is evident from the engraved Omega logo and reference number on the lugs. Additionally, the see-through crystal back allows for an appreciation of the watch’s most important part, which is a cloned 9300 movement. The polished stripes, red engravings on the auto rotor and movement plates perfectly replicate those found on the genuine Omega 9300 calibre. With this movement, the replica watch also features a fully functional chronograph. Not only is the replica visually indistinguishable from the genuine watch, but its movement is also a 1:1 clone, as evidenced by the correct color of the balance wheel.

I neglected to take photos of the replica watch with luminescent markers. The hour markers are equipped with a dark blue luminescent light, while the hour and minute hands emit a light blue luminescent light. You can verify this by observing the watch in a dark environment, and the luminescent effect will last for a significant duration.

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