VS Factory Replica Omega Seamaster 300 Summer Blue Ceramic Watch

Do you remember the Omega Seamaster 007 Spectre replica watch produced by VS factory a few years ago? It was a highly sought-after timepiece and renowned for its exceptional quality. While other factories like OR and OM also attempted to replicate the Omega Seamaster, particularly OR, they were unable to match the high standards set by VS. During the period when VS temporarily stopped production, OR aimed to take over the leading position in the Omega Seamaster market but fell short in delivering replicas of the same caliber as those from VS.Now, let’s shift our focus to a new model from VS: the replica of the Seamaster 300 Summer Blue, which Omega introduced to commemorate their 75th anniversary.This perfect uk replica watch from VS maintains the same level of quality as their previous Seamaster replicas.

I can’t seem to find any obvious flaws with this replica, but there are two potential issues. First, the Poseidon sculpture on the solid case back doesn’t look as clear as it does on the genuine watch. In fact, the watch would look much better if it had a see-through crystal back. Second, the movement lacks a date function. On the genuine Omega 8912 movement, you can adjust the hours and minutes by pulling the crown to the second position. However, on this replica 8912 movement, you need to pull the crown out to the third position to adjust the hours and minutes, while the second position is for independently rotating the hour hand to adjust the date, even though the watch doesn’t have this feature. Despite these minor differences, they don’t affect the stability and accuracy of the clone 8912 movement, which still holds a high reputation in the industry.

This is a high quality large-sized replica of the Omega Seamaster watch, with a 41mm diameter case that accurately matches the thickness of the genuine watch at 13.8mm. The watch features a blue ceramic bezel and a sandwiched dial covered by a domed sapphire crystal, creating a gradient blue effect similar to the authentic watch. The blue color on the bezel and dial is meticulously replicated by VS. The stainless steel bracelet is skillfully brushed and polished, and it includes a deployant clasp with an extension device identical to the genuine watch. Additionally, the replica watch boasts a strong and long-lasting luminescence on its dial.

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