OR Factory Replica Omega Seamaster 300m Rose Gold Black Ceramic Watch

We are already familiar with the OR factory, which began producing replica Omega Seamaster watches after VS stopped doing business. With VS factory back in the game, they are now competitors. While OR factory’s products are good, many still prefer to buy from VS, although some may opt for OR simply to avoid long wait times.

Seamaster has always been a flagship product for the VS factory, particularly the Seamaster Diver 300m with a wave dial, which has been the best-selling replica Omega watch over the past three years. However, its popularity has waned, with more customers opting for the Rolex Datejust and Submariner. Is this a prime opportunity for the OR factory to vie for the Omega Seamaster market? I believe so, but they must persist in enhancing product quality and accelerating the development of new watches.

Today, I would like to introduce a new addition to OR’s collection of replica Omega Seamaster watches. Recently, they unveiled a ceramic version of the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m, a product that is currently not available from VS. Due to its exclusivity, OR factory is pricing this replica at a premium. However, it is expected that once VS releases their own version of this watch, OR may adjust the price accordingly. As for the exact timeline of when VS will launch this particular model, it remains uncertain.

It is indeed an important question to consider the quality of ORF Omega watches compared to VS. While VS has built a strong reputation in the replica Omega field, it is worth noting that the quality of ORF Omega Seamaster watches is also commendable. Many individuals have already purchased Omega Seamaster replicas from ORF and few have reported any significant quality issues. It is worth mentioning that replica watches produced by prominent factories now fall under the category of super clones, where the quality differences among various factories are relatively minimal.

The new replica Omega Seamaster from OR features a 43.5mm case made entirely of black ceramic material. The edge of the bezel and two crowns are in rose gold, while the bezel insert is also crafted with black ceramic and has glossy black markers. The bezel is uni-directional rotating, and OR factory has paid attention to the manufacturing details, ensuring that the tip of the triangle marker aligns precisely with the middle of the 12-hour marker. This alignment is a remarkable feat.The replica measures 14.5mm in thickness, which matches the thickness of the genuine watch. This accuracy in case thickness is truly outstanding, and it’s impressive that OR has achieved this level of correctness. However, it is noted that the texture of the ceramic insert may not feel as delicate as that of the genuine watch.

It’s important to note that the luminescent properties of replica watches, including the Omega Seamaster from OR, may not match the performance of genuine Swiss watches. While many watch factories claim to use Swiss luminous materials, it is true that the luminescence may not last as long or emit as strongly as that of authentic watches. Although significant advancements have been made in luminescent materials in recent years, achieving the exact Swiss standard remains a challenge for replica watches. This is indeed a notable shortcoming in the replication of luminescent features.

It is correct that the movement used in the ORF Omega Seamaster replica is a clone 8806 automatic movement, which is based on a Chinese-made movement. While the quality of the movement is good, it is not classified as a super clone movement. The manufacturer has added extra plates to the basic movement and decorated it to make it look closer to the genuine 8806 movement.The accuracy of the movement is within acceptable limits, with the watch gaining or losing around + or -13 seconds per day. To maintain better accuracy, it is recommended to give the watch a full wind of around 22 rotations every day. Overall, the movement in the ORF Omega Seamaster replica performs satisfactorily, but it may not match the precision and reliability of the genuine Swiss movements.

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