Noob Factory Published Replica Rolex Black Submariner 116610 LN V6s with Super 3135

The Rolex Submariner, a timepiece that has maintained its popularity for decades, is considered a timeless classic. In the replica watch industry, advancements in technology have led to improvements in replicas of the Rolex Black and Green Submariner models. The latest generation of the Submariner, the V6s version, has undergone significant enhancements. The V6s Black Submariner features a new case and crystal, along with modifications to its movement, making it a highly anticipated release among fans of the Noob V6 Submariner. I will now outline the improvements made in the V6s version compared to its predecessor, the V5.

To begin, the V6s boasts a superior crystal that matches the flatness of the genuine Submariner, whereas the V5 crystal is more convex.

The dial is a key indicator to distinguish a fake Rolex, such as the “1000ft=300” printing on this replica Submariner V6s. It exhibits slight variations from the genuine version but is closer to the authentic model compared to other replica watches. Noob factory released two types of dials for the V6s, each featuring either a Super 3135 or 2836 movement, and both versions are accurate.The letter “M” in the word “SUBMARINER” has been enhanced.The numbers “1000” and “300” now have more rounded watches”0s” instead of the oval shape seen in the V5 version.
The Rolex Crown Logo on bracelet is more elegant.
Due to the use of new molds, the bezel teeth of the V6s have a wider and more rounded appearance.The case side features an anti-counterfeit label similar to the genuine version, giving it an authentic feel.

Finally, when examining the movement of the V6s Submariner replica, it utilizes the Super Clone 3135 movement, with modifications made to the shock absorber.

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