JVS Factory Replica Rolex Air King 126900 with 3230 Movement

This is the latest Air King model released by Rolex in 2022. Currently, there are only a few watch factories producing replicas of this watch. Among them, JVS is the sole factory manufacturing replicas of this specific model. It is important to note that JVS has no affiliation with VS factory, and there is no connection between the two. It seems that JVS may have chosen a similar name to enhance their watch sales. However, it is crucial to exercise caution as some online dealers falsely claim that JVS is affiliated with VS factory and even sell JVS watches under the VS name. It is important to be mindful of such misleading information. I didn’t say that JVS’s replica watches are bad, but there is no need to deceive customers in order to sell watches.

JVS factory is known for producing high-quality replica watches, with a focus on Rolex and Omega models. Notably, JVS has garnered a reputation for being the first to release replicas of new Rolex or Omega watches, often outpacing other manufacturers in this regard. The latest Air King replica from JVS currently stands as the top version available in the market, as no other factories have produced their own replicas of this model. The craftsmanship of JVS replicas is highly regarded, with excellent finishing and a well-executed clone movement. The new Air King, with the reference 126900, features a crown logo at 6 o’clock and includes added shoulders on the crown, distinguishing it as a notable departure from previous iterations.

The quality of the new Air King 126900 replica by JVS factory is generally considered good, although it may not meet the standards of a super clone. It is worth noting that JVS sells this replica at a higher price point. While JVS claims that the case and bracelet of the Air King replica are made with 904L stainless steel, it is difficult to verify this claim without conducting specific tests. However, it is generally guaranteed that replica Rolex watches from reputable factories like VS and Clean are indeed made with 904L stainless steel.The case finish on the new Air King replica is reported to be well-executed, and the addition of shoulders to protect the crown is a notable feature. The case thickness of approximately 13mm closely resembles that of the genuine watch. Many individuals have expressed interest in finding a good replica of the new Air King 126900, and it is currently available from JVS factory.

The black dial of the new Air King 126900 replica by JVS factory is visually appealing, with large markers and prominent 3-6-9 hour markers. The green second hand adds an attractive touch, and the yellow crown logo beneath the 12:00 marker and “ROLEX” in green color further enhance the design. The use of green highlights on the dial adds to its charm.In terms of movement, JVS factory uses a clone 3230 automatic movement, which is not a super clone or an in-house clone. As a result, there may be some differences in construction when compared to the genuine Rolex 3230 movement, although the decoration of the movement appears to be well-executed based on external observations.

If you are interested in purchasing the Air King 126900 replica, it is currently available from JVS factory. However, it is possible that other factories like VS, GM, or EW may release their versions of this replica watch in the future. While it is uncertain which factory will produce a better version, it is important to note that JVS factory is known for its quality replicas. It is always recommended to research and compare different factories and their products before making a purchase decision.

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